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Second, third and other derivatives

Evaluates first, second third and other derivatives of a single argument function
Anton2012-01-14 21:16:48

This calculator finds first, second third and other derivative of entered function.

Use "Function" field to enter mathematical expression with x variable. You can use operations like addition +, subtraction -, division /, multiplication *, power ^, and common mathematical functions. Full syntax description can be found below the calculator.

Second, third and other derivative calculator

Second and other derivativesCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)
Derivatives :

Function formula syntax

In function notation you can use one variable (always use x), brackets, pi number (pi), exponent (e), operations: addition +, subtraction -, division /, multiplication *, power ^.
You can use following common functions: sqrt - square root,exp - power of exponent,lb - logarithm to base 2,lg - logarithm to base 10,ln - logarithm to base e,sin - sine,cos - cosine,tg - tangent,ctg - cotangent,sec - secant,cosec - cosecant,arcsin - arcsine,arccos - arccosine,arctg - arctangent,arcctg - arccotangent,arcsec - arcsecant,arccosec - arccosecant,versin - versien,vercos - vercosine,haversin - haversine,exsec - exsecant,excsc - excosecant,sh - hyperbolic sine,ch - hyperbolic cosine,th - hyperbolic tangent,cth - hyperbolic cotangent,sech - hyperbolic secant,csch - hyperbolic cosecant, abs - module, sgn - signum (sign), log__p - logarithm to base p, f.e. log7(x) - logarithm to base 7, root__p - p-th root, f.e. root3(x) - cubic root

Math equation syntax tableCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)

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