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Labor retirement pension amount

Labor retirement pension amount

Calculates labor retirement pension amount in accordance with the law.
Anton2015-09-06 22:29:44

The following calculator will help you calculate the size of the labor retirement pension in accordance with the Federal Law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation" from 17.12.2001 N 173-FZ.
For calculation it's necessary to set:
Date of pension appointment, your sex, age, insurance experience, experience acquired in USSR, an average salary in 2000-2001 or for any 5 consequent years until 2002 and also amount of all insurance contributions after 2002.

As a result, the amount of pension to the current date and details of its calculation will be issued.
At the moment, the calculator does not account for allowances, promotion, disability and a new procedure for calculating the pension, which will come into effect for pensions after 2015.

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Details of calculation:

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