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Calculation of weight by volume

Calculating the weight by the volume of material with matter density reference book
Timur2015-12-02 18:41:45

For example, I have a litre of olive oil, but how much does it weight? Basically, it's simple - take the density of oil and multiply it by volume and you will recieve weight.

I came up with an idea to make a calculator on this issue (see below).

First, you have to choose the matter in calculator from this reference book - . The calculator will check its density.

Then you have to set the volume as you like - litres, cubic metres, even length, width and height. Then it will calculate the weight.

Calculation of weight by volumeCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)

Density in the reference book is set in grams per cubic centimeter. If any matter is absent in reference book somehow - registered users can always add it.

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