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Laminate flooring. The calculation of the number of planks

The calculation of the number of planks requiered
Timur2010-02-18 18:56:52
User Evgeny asked me to make , particularly, I quote, "for laminate - with the known size of one planlk and area of a room calculate the amount including the scraps"
Since I had already laid laminate twice :), the task was quite clear, and the calculator was created. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I've created one on the left. It actually depicts the method of laying, on which the calculations are based.

Now about the calculator:
Input data: the length and width of the room in meters, the length and width of the laminated plank in millimeters, the number of planks per pack, and how we lay the board (by length or by width of the room)

Output data:
Room area - that's simple, just for reference
Number of planks used entirely - number of greens + yellow plank (in fact, it haы to be added the number of scraps or to the number of whole planks - I've decided to add them to the number of whole planks because the part shown in the picture below doesn't require lengthwise sawing.
Length of the last plank, millimeters - length of the yellow plank shown below
`Number of scraps - number of blue planks
Scrap width, millimeters - width of the blue scraps
Total number of planks used - number of green planks+ yellow plaml + number of blue planks
`Number of packages - as the laminate flooring is selling in packages - necessary amount of packages
Number of unused planks - and that's the number of unused planks from the last package

Laminate flooring. The calculation of the number of planksCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)
 Room area, square meters:
 Number of planks used entirely:
 Length of the last plank, millimeters:
 Number of scraps:
 Scrap width, millimeters:
 Total number of planks used:
 Number of packages:
 Number of unused planks:

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