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Issue Number Generator for unnumbered magazines & comics & newspapers. If magazine did not print issue numbers, only dates, it can number them all, f.e. all Sundays starting with specified date up to specified date
Timur2017-08-10 03:58:40

This Issue Number Generator calculator was created by user's request and addresses the problem of unnumbered magazines & comics & newspapers.

As it was stated, about 30% of vintage magazines don't have issue numbers & many vintage newspapers are not numbered at all, which presents a problem for vintage comic sellers & collectors.

And here it is, allowing you to identify issue numbers. For example, the Sunday Times magazine did not print issue numbers, only dates, and the first issue was on Sunday 4 February 1962. Below you can number all the Sundays starting with 4 February 1962.

Weekly issue number generatorCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)

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