Planet Coin - PLANETCALC internal currency

What can I buy using PC?


  • Planetcalc LLC funds a new calculator prototype with some amount of PC if it is considered to be popular
  • Any visitor may transfer PC to a new calculator prototype account or buy it in personal section (1PC=1 USD)
  • Business accounts owners gets some PC amount after renew the account:
    Premium Accountsmonthly paymentyearly payment
    Business Start Account3PC
    Business Pro Account1PC12PC
    Business Enterprise Account2PC24PC

How can I convert PC to real money?

  • The calculator developers with PCD status (PLANETCALC Certified Developer), can earn PC by developing a new calculators. The PC earned by PCD developers get converted and transferred to their real bank accounts monthly when the PC balance is above 20 PC.

I'm a calculator developer. How can I get PCD status?

  • To get it you must sign an agreement with Planetcalc LLC and pass a certification test. To get more information please send an email to, with PLANETCALC Certified Developer in subject.