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Combinatorics. Permutation generator from N to M without repetitions.

Combinatorics. Permutation generator from N to M without repetitions

Combinatorics. Permutation generator from N to M with repetitions.Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)
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  • Factoring calculator

    This calculator generates all pairs of factors for given integer.

  • Generator of combinations which satisfy a condition

    For elements with weights this calculator can filter out all combinations where total weight is under the specified limit.

  • Making up words out of the syllables

    Calculator sorts out all combinations of syllables to make words. English homework helper.

  • Seating chart

    This calculator tries to find seating chart combinations taking into account preferences of students.

  • Tournament table

    The calculator performs the participant placement with two following conditions: 1) Each participant must start from each starting position. 2) Each participant must encounter every other participant.

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