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  • Acceleration of gravity

    Acceleration of gravity calculation on the surface of a planet. It's possible to calculate the acceleration above the surface by setting the sea level. But it won't be possible under thesurface - this is a wrong formula.

  • Altitude of a triangle

    This online calculator computes the length of a altitude of a triangle, given the lengths of edges of a triangle.

  • Altitude Pressure

    This calculator uses barometric formula to find out the pressure at the given altitude

  • Angle bisector of a triangle

    This online calculator computes length of angle bisector given the lengths of triangle edges

  • Angular size, linear size and distance

    These calculators computes value of angular size or linear size or distance from the other two's

Alcohol amount in the aqueous alcohol solution

Defines the mass and volume fraction of ethanol in the solution of two liquids with different levels of alcohol.


The percentage of ethyl alcohol in the aqueous-alcoholic solution

Temperature of the mixed liquids in degrees Celsius

Digits after the decimal point: 2

Ball radius calculated by volume


Ball radius calculated by volume

Digits after the decimal point: 12
  • Area of a quadrilateral

    This article lists several calculators for area of a quadrilateral

  • Area of triangle by coordinates

    This calculator determines area of triangle, using its vertex coordinates in cartesian coordinate system

  • Arithmetic progression

    This online calculator computes last nth term of arithmetic progression and sum of the members

  • Azimuth and solar elevation angle

    Calculation of azimuth and solar elevation angle by given the coordinates and time of observation. It's possible to input coordinates manually or by selecting from the directory of cities.

  • Barometric leveling
  • Battery discharge time depending on load

    This article contains online calculators which can calculate discharge times for specified discharge current using battery capacity, the capacity rating (i.e. 20 hour rating, 100 hour rating etc) and Peukert's exponent.

  • Bayes’ theorem

    This online calculator calculates posterior probabilities according to Bayes’ theorem.

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