Race heat Calculator

Hi there, I am trying to find a calculator to distribute grid positions for kart racing.

Usually we have 3 heats, and I need the entrants to be reasonably evenly spread over the 3 heats. So if there were 10 entrants ( lets call them 1-10 ), then heat 1 would have a stating order of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I need the next 2 heats to represent fair starting positions. For example, number 1 has started heat 1 in 1st position, so I need him to be around the middle for a heat, then at the back for a heat. All entrants should have a reasonably equal position over the heats. I need to be able to change the number of entrants, and also the number of heats for each race meeting.

Can this be done?

Many Thanks

This is a request for a calculator left by a user.

There is still no calculator created for this request. If you are interested in implementing such a calculator, please leave a comment.