Super 6 Lottery Calculator

I need a calculator that could help me out with this lottery:

No matter what lottery you play. The odds that the winning combination draw will be a mix of odds and evens is more probable that an all odd or all even combination.

I need this calculator to stay away from combinations that are all odd or all even.

The chances that the combination draw will be a mix of numbers from the low and high end of the number field is more probable than a combination all from the low or all from the high end.

Half the field of 28 is 14. So stay away from combination that are all below 14 or all above 14

Also there is a theory that it's more probable that the winning combination will not have all the denominators from the field.

This lottery's denominators are singles (Numbers less than 10). 10s (Numbers 10-19) and 20s (Numbers 20-29)

It's more probable for the combination to skip out on one of these denominators verses having all represented.

For e.g.: 08-11-13-16-18-19 is a more probable combination than 03-07-10-12-20-28

I need a calculator that can (created or referenced) do all the above plus:

-Gets rid of all even and all odd combinations. Get rid of combinations made of numbers all above 14 or all below 14.

-Get rid of all combinations that feature numbers from all denominators.

This is a request for a calculator left by a user.

There is still no calculator created for this request. If you are interested in implementing such a calculator, please leave a comment.
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