Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula

Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula

This formula was suggested by french anthropologist Paul Broca.
The formula is very simple - your ideal weight is your height minus coefficient.
Coefficient depends on height.
If your height is below 165 cm, coefficient is 100, between 165 and 175 cm, coefficient is 105, above 175 cm, coefficient is 110.
The obtained weight can also be modified by several factors.
First factor is your age. For 20-30 years people weight should be decreased by 11 percents, for over 50 years people - increased by 6 percents.
Second factor is body constitution: asthenic, normosthenic or hypersthenic.
Body constitution type can be found by wrist girth.

For men
less than 17 cm - asthenic
17 - 20 cm - normosthenic
more than 20 cm - hypersthenic

For women
less than 16 cm - asthenic
16 - 18 cm - normosthenic
more than 18 cm - hypersthenic

For asthenic body type weight should be decreased by 10 percents, for hypersthenic body type weigth should be increased by 10 percents.

Critics of this formula usually appeal to the fact, that Paul Broca, as founder of modern anthropology, develop his formula using average values for people of second half of XIX century, and this is not suitable for people of XX and XXI centuries.

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Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula

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