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Wordpress plugin

With Planetcalc plugin for Wordpress you can easily insert any planetcalc calculator in your wordpress-based site or blog pages.
Anton2014-06-09 20:20:29

Download: Planetcalc Wordpress plugin.

The Planetcalc plugin allows to insert any online calculator from (the online calculator collection web-site) into your wordpress blog.
After plugin installation you find a new post editor toolbar button:

Insert PLANETCALC wordpress plugin button

Choose your language and select a calculator you want to insert from the drop down list:
Insert PLANETCALC calculator in your site popup window

Press OK, and the calculator shortcode appears in your post text: [planetcalc cid="2470" language="en" width="728" height="500"].
Save your post and you will see the planetcalc calculator embedded in your post page:

Symbol frequency tableCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)
Frequency table:

Your may tune your calculator size by editing width and height properties ( width="728" height="500" by default) and also choose the calculator language (three languages at the moment are supported: en - for English, es - for Spanish and ru - for Russian).

Any of 230 online calculators can be inserted in your site.

Latest version of plugin: Planetcalc Wordpress plugin.

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