Tax deductions from personal income tax

2008 has ended, it's time to return taxes.

According to the Russian legislation, every employer is obliged to withhold tax on personal income in the amount of 13% of your earnings. This means that for the last year the government has taken away from you about 15% of the amount that you get your hands on. Fortunately, part of this sum (and in some cases full amount) you can get back.

To return the money, you have to fill your tax return and to provide documents proving your expenses, for which the tax code provides tax deductions

Property deductions

The most significant part of the tax can be recovered after use of property deductions granted to citizens who have acquired the ownership of real estate or have spent significant funds to repair existing housing.
The amounts below 2 million rubles spent on the purchase, construction or renovation of an apartment or house are not taxed. In addition, if for this purpose you took out a loan, the amount paid as interest on the loan is deducted from the tax base (with no limit on the amount). It should be noted that the unused portion of a property deduction can be transferred for the next year.

The maximum possible return:
260k. rubles + 13% of the amount of interest paid on a mortgage

Keep in mind that the property deduction when purchasing a property can be used only once in a lifetime.

Social deductions

Deducted from taxable income:
1) Charity expenses: (not more than 25% of total income)
2) Сhildren education expenses (up to 50 thousand. rub. for each child )
3) Expensive treatment expenses
4) Expenses in the amount not exceeding 120k. rubles spent on:

  • own education
  • healthcare
  • payments to the private pension funds
  • contributions to cumulative part of pension:

The maximum possible return:
15.6 thousand rubles. If you spent on education, medical treatment or pension contributions
plus 6.5 thousand for each child if not less than 50 thousand spent on education
plus 13% of the quarter of earned money if spent on charity
or up to 13% of earnings if you spend it on expensive treatment

The following calculator will help you calculate the money that can be returned:

PLANETCALC, Tax deductions for the tax on personal income

Tax deductions for the tax on personal income

Net income (subject to withholding tax of individuals income)
Digits after the decimal point: 2
Total income
Amount of tax withheld
Amount of social tax deductions
Amount of property tax deductions
Transfer of property tax deductions
Tax refund

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