Coulomb's law

This online calculator calculates unknown (whether force, charge, or distance) using known values using Coulomb's law scalar formula. It can be used to solve physics problems.

The calculator below is about Coulomb's law. It allows you to calculate the unknown value (whether force, charge, or distance) using known values and scalar formula

The scalar form of the Coulomb’s law equation is:
|\mathbf F|=k_e{|q_1q_2|\over r^2}\qquad
where k is Coulomb's constant
with epsilon (electrical constant) is ≈ 8.85418781762*10^{-12} F/m

This calculator can be useful in solving school physics problems.
Typical problems could look like these:
Suppose a distance of 1.00 meter separates two point charges, each with a charge of +1.00 Coulomb. Determine the magnitude of the electrical force of repulsion between them

  • Two balloons with charges of +3.37 µC and -8.21 µC attract each other with a force of 0.0626 Newton. Determine the separation distance between the two balloons.

Thus, first, you choose the value you want to get, then you fill in known values and receive the answer.

PLANETCALC, Coulomb's law

Coulomb's law

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PLANETCALC, Coulomb's law