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A calculator on our site is a broad concept.

Calculator on our website, it is the entity which can transform an input data to a desired result with a little help of Javascript.

Well, I recently saw a table with Morse code. This is where the dash-dot-dot-dot and so on. Why no? - I thought, and made a calculator that converts a human language in Morse code, and vice versa.

You must type text. If it contains only characters - (minus or dash), * (asterisk or star), and spaces - it is a Morse code, and calculator translates it into text. If the text contains other characters - all text is converted to Morse code.

It is important - as in Morse code prefix letters are repeated, separate letters by typing spaces because * is I, and is E - feel the difference. You can also use dot instead of star. And two spaces or new line are interpreted as word break. So, for the convenience of readability, separate words with two spaces or new line (as demonstrated in the calculator below with the default value)

Calculator also displays mnemonic results, mnemonics used to memorize Morse codes

PLANETCALC, Morse code translator

Morse code translator

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