Mod calculator

This online calculator performs modulo operation on integers and on doubles as well (because it just returns reminder of division)

This online calculator performs modulo operation on two given numbers, divident and divisor. But those numbers should not be positive integers only, they can be, in fact, negative decimals as well (technically, the calculator accepts valid doubles - double precision 64-bit floating point numbers). The calculator simply returns the reminder of division, called modulus, as it is implemented in Javascript language. And, by the way, in Javascript, the sign of the modulus depends only on the sign of the divident, as you can easily check below. Just try to enter negative divisor, and you will see that the modulus is still positive, but negative divident results in negative modulus.

And by the way, if you want to play with real modular arithmetic, not just mod operation, check out our Modular arithmetic calculator. It supports congruent operations on integers.

PLANETCALC, Mod calculator

Mod calculator

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