Caesar cipher with numbers

This online calculator applies Caesar cipher not only to the letters, but to the numbers as well. Numbers expands the alphabet and are included to the rotations. Other symbols except letters and numbers are not transformed.

The classic Caesar cipher applies transformation only to letters. Transformation, known as ROTN, where ROT is from "ROTATE" and N is the value of cyclical shift, defines letter substitution. That is, for ROT1, the letter "a" becomes "b", "b" becomes "c" and so on, until, finally, "z" becomes "a" (since shift is cyclical).

However, using this principle, we can easily add numbers to the alphabet and rotate them. For example, here is the English alphabet with numbers: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789". Here, ROT1 transforms "a" to "b", and so on, then, "z" to "0", "0" to "1" and so on, until finally, "9" becomes "a".

Of course, it is the same weak Caesar cipher, with only +10 possible transformations, with 35 transformations total, so the calculator below lists them all. However, at least the result does not look like a regular Caesar cipher.

PLANETCALC, Caesar cipher with numbers

Caesar cipher with numbers

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