Walls volume

This construction calculator calculates volume of four walls of a rectangular building by building length, width, height and thickness of a walls

The calculator below calculates the volume of construction materials, like concrete or bricks, needed for the perimeter walls of a rectangular building. It uses the length, width, and height of a building, plus the thickness of the walls.

The calculation is rather trivial.

First, you multiply the outer dimensions of a building: length by width by height, which gives you the outer volume of a building "box".
Second, you calculate the inner space, multiplying length minus two thickness by width minus two thickness by height.

The wall volume is the difference between the outer volume of a building and the building's inner space. If you need to take into account doorways and window openings, you can use Total volume calculator

Note that you should use the same units of length in all form fields below, whether meters, feet, or inches. Do not mix meters and centimeters or feet and inches.

PLANETCALC, Walls volume

Walls volume

Walls volume
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