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PlanetCalc statistics
Our first calculator will be focused on project statistics. Actually, it is not a calculator at all, in the sense that it does not calculate, but simply shows the statistics of our project in the form of tables and diagrams.
2D Bin Packing Problem Solver
This online calculator tries to solve an offline two-dimensional (2D) bin packing problem using Maximal Rectangles heuristic algorithm
2D Strip Packing Problem Solution using Genetic Algorithm
Efficiently Solve the 2D Offline Strip Packing Problem with Our Genetic Algorithm Calculator
365 days calendar date to Gregorian date
The calculator converts a date in 365 days calendar (Armenian, Ancient Egyptian) to a date in Gregorian calendar
3d coordinate systems
Transforms 3d coordinate from / to Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate systems.
3D Vector Dot Product Calculator
This online calculator calculates the dot product of two 3D vectors
3x3 Equation Solver
This calculator is designed to solve systems of three linear equations.
A1Z26 cipher
A1Z26 is very simple direct substitution cypher, where each alphabet letter is replaced by its number in the alphabet.
A2Z52 encoder/decoder
This online calculator allows users to encode and decode messages using the A2Z52 cipher.
ABV (Alcohol by volume)
This online calculator estimates alcohol by volume (abv) based on original and final specific gravity values.
Acceleration of gravity
Acceleration of gravity calculation on the surface of a planet. It's possible to calculate the acceleration above the surface by setting the sea level. But it won't be possible under the surface - this is a wrong formula.
Accrual-Based Compound Interest Calculator
Get a Detailed View of Your Compound Interest with Our Accrual-Based Calculator
Acid-base titration curves
This online calculator builds theoretical titration curves for monoprotic acids and bases
Activity Time Summarizer
This calculator is designed to summarize and total time for different activities entered into a table.
Adjusting picture/pixel sizes proportionally
This online calculator adjusts the second dimension of a picture/video, given the new first dimension, keeping the original proportions
Age Calculator
This online calculator determines the amount of time that has elapsed between a specific date and the current moment.
Age calculator
This calculator displays age of a person in years, months, days, and total days, given the birthday date
Ahargana day count to the Gregorian date
The calculator converts heap of day since the Kali Yuga beginning day to the Gregorian date
Air Flow Calibration
This calculator is used to set the air flow rate through a grain bin equipped with an aeration fan. It assumes that the air flow can be controlled with baffles, spill gates or variable fan speed. It requires an air flow meter or anemometer. This calculator determines the air speed needed at the top collar of bin in order to achieve the desired air flow rate (CFM/bu Cubic Feet per Minute per bushel).
Alcohol amount in the aqueous alcohol solution
Defines the mass and volume concentration of ethanol in the solution of two liquids with different levels of alcohol.
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