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Integer to Other Numeral System Converter
The "Integer to Numeral System Converter" calculator allows the user to convert an integer from decimal numeral system to any other positional numeral system.
Numeral System Converter
The numeral system converter calculator converts numbers from one numeral system to another given the source number and the source numeral system base and target numeral system base. The calculator can handle numeral systems with bases ranging from 2 to 36.
Regular expression tester
This online calculator allows user to experiment with regular expressions.
One's complement, and two's complement binary codes
This online calculator displays one's complement and two's complement codes for the entered negative integer.
Conversion of fractional numbers between numeral systems
This online calculator helps to convert fractional number in one numeral system to fractional number in other numeral system.
Keyboard layout and password
Converts the word, typed in Russian letters into a set of symbols corresponding to these letters in English keyboard layout which is often used to create a Russian-speaking user passwords.
Caesar cipher
Calculator encrypts entered text by using Caesar cipher. Non-alphabetic symbols (digits, whitespaces, etc.) are not transformed.
IP Address and Subnet Mask Calculator (IPv4)
This online calculator determines subnet parameters for the given IP address and subnet mask
Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)
This online calculator converts decimal number to binary code in BCD notation and vice versa
Text Formatter
The calculator is designed to reformat lines of text according to user specifications.
Numeral System Calculator
This online calculator is designed to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and power on numbers written in any numeral system. This means that users can input numbers in binary, octal, hexadecimal, or any other base between 2 and 36, and perform mathematical operations with ease.
URL Unescape Calculator
The calculator for URL decoding, also known as unescaping, takes a URL-encoded string and converts it back to its original form.
GET Request String Parser
The GET Request String Parser is a handy tool for breaking down HTTP GET request strings into parameter-value pairs and decoding URL-encoded sequences if necessary. By using this parser, you can easily extract and analyze the individual components of a GET request.
Vigenère cipher
Calculator encrypts entered text by using Vigenère cipher. Non-alphabetic symbols (digits, whitespaces, etc.) are not transformed.
The Symbol Frequency Table Calculator
The Symbol Frequency Table Calculator is a tool that takes in a text message and produces a table of the frequencies of each symbol (i.e., character) that appears in the message. The calculator can be customized to ignore spaces and/or case, allowing for a more accurate analysis of the message's symbol frequencies.
Shannon Entropy
This online calculator computes Shannon entropy for a given event probability table and for a given message.
Huffman coding
This online calculator generates Huffman coding based on a set of symbols and their probabilities. A brief description of Huffman coding is below the calculator.
Count the number of words
The calculator counts word number in a given text. It can be used for rough calculation of translation cost. Can be used for word number calculation in software resources.
Unique words count
This calculator counts the number of unique words in a text (total number of words minus all word repetitions). It also counts a number of repeated words. It also can remove all the repetitions from the text.
Remove duplicates
The calculator removes duplicates from an element list.
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