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Roman numerals
Converter of Roman numbers and decimal numbers
Relation between two numbers
Different relations between two numbers. Created by user's requst
Modular arithmetic
This modulo calculator performs arithmetic operations modulo p over a given math expression.
Continued fraction
The calculator represents a fraction as continued fraction
Egyptian fractions
The calculator converts decimal number or simple fraction to Egyptian fraction.
Egyptian fraction to rational number
The calculator converts an Egyptian fraction to the rational number. Egyptian fraction must be entered as integer part and the fraction denominators separated by space.
Modular exponentiation
The calculator performs modular exponentiation of big numbers.
Fermat primality test
The calculator tests an input number by a primality test based on Fermat's little theorem.
Miller–Rabin primality test
The calculator checks whether or not a number is prime by Miller-Rabin primality test
Prime numbers. Sieve of Eratosthenes
The calculator finds prime numbers using "Sieve of Eratosthenes" method.
Sexagesimal number converters. The calculator converts sexagesimal number to rational or decimal and vice versa.
Integer partition
This online calculator generates all possible partitions of an entered positive integer.
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