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Race Heat Table
This is generator of heat grids for kart racing. The goal is to let each racer to try each starting position/kart in random order.
Symbol frequencies table
This online calculator builds symbol frequency table for a given message
Wordpress plugin
With Planetcalc plugin for Wordpress you can easily insert any planetcalc calculator in your wordpress-based site or blog pages.
Tournament table
The calculator performs the participant placement with two following conditions: 1) Each participant must start from each starting position. 2) Each participant must encounter every other participant.
Tips and tricks #4: How to make calculator with table output
This article describes how to make calculator which outputs results in table format
HTML table to JSON array
Th calculator converts the html table code to JSON array with optional data transpose and compression. It also visualizes numeric data on chart.
Bernoulli trials table
This online calculator calculates probability of k success outcomes in n Bernoulli trials with given success event probability for each k from zero to n.
Tips and tricks #8: How to reuse existing calculator
This article describes process of reusing another calculator's logic (algorithm) in your calculator.
Gray code converters
These online calculators convert to and from the binary reflected in the Gray code and can produce a table for an n-bit Gray code
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