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Ton-kilometer. Conversion based on the cost of a kilometer
Calculation of a cost of ton-kilometer
Base 64 encoding and decoding
The calculators encode string to base64 string and decode back to original string. Special characters (+/) , generally produced by base64 algorithm, can be replaced by the data provided in additional parameter.
List filtering
Calculator that allows you to filter the initial list with the specified multiple filters
Matching lines with regular expression
This calculator matches lines in text using regular expression. It outputs line numbers and lines, which were matched and which were not matched, separating them.
Lines filter by number
This online calculator filters lines of text by removing designated lines or, you can say, leaving only designated lines
Electricity, Work, and Power
This online calculator can help you solve the problems on work done by the current and electric power. It can calculate current, voltage, resistance, work, power and time depending on what variables are known and what are unknown
Image manipulation
This online calculator can perform simple image manipulation tasks, like rotation and flipping/mirroring
Color to Grayscale Conversion
This online calculator converts color image to grayscale image using the luminosity method
Color image to black and white image
This online calculator converts color images to black and white images. Two options are possible: luminosity threshold or Floyd–Steinberg dithering.
Box filters for image processing
This online calculator allows you to process the image with the selected box filter, or use your own box filter.
Morphological filters
This online calculator can process the loaded image using one of the several morphological operators
Median filter
This online calculator applies median filter to an image
Watercolor effect
This online calculator applies a watercolor effect on the loaded image
Inkscape SVG cleaner
This online tool remove non-standard elements from SVG files created with the Inkscape program
Remove tabs and new lines from text
This calculator removes tab symbols and new line symbols from the text.
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