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  • Baffle Plate Gap Calculator

    Use this to determine the baffle plate gap in a tank based on your throat size. Measure bell end depth using something the same width as your baffle plate or enter a zero if there is no belled end. The drawing is looking from the top down.

  • Butterfly Damper Calculator

    Use this calculator to determine opening area of the damper.

  • Circular Intake/Exhaust Calculator

    Used to calculate opening area when a circular cover is pivoted over a circular opening.

  • Cylindrical Tank Volume Calculator

    Use this calculator to determine your cylindrical tank volume in cubic inches and gallons even if one or both ends are rounded. Especially useful if you've cut the tank in length. If you've got a flat end just leave it blank or enter 0.

  • Oval Tank Volume Calculator

    Find the volume of oval tanks in cubic inches and gallons.

  • Square Door Tank Volume

    Use this calculator to determine tank volume if you've modified the tank for square doors.

Trapezoid - Shaped Throat Opening

Use this calculator to lay out a trapezoidal shaped throat cut-out. Enter the throat area from the PitCalc, your tank's diameter and dam height.

PLANETCALC, Trapezoid-shaped Throat Opening

Trapezoid-shaped Throat Opening

Enter the width of your firebox

Enter the height you want for a grease dam at the bottom of the tank.

  • Square Stack Calculator

    Due to friction loss when using a rectangular stack, this will calculate the equivalent size of a round stack with the same airflow.

  • Tank Volume Calculators

    Use one of these to determine your tank's volume.

  • Throat Calculator for Cylindrical Tanks

    Use this calculator to lay out the throat opening on a cylindrical tank, using the throat area from the Pit Calc.

  • Throat Calculator for Overlapping Cylindrical Tanks

    Use this calculator to determine the throat cut-out when using two cylindrical tanks of the same or different diameter. The cut-out width will always be the same for both tanks. Enter the tank's diameter and the throat area from the Pit Calculator.

  • Throat Calculators

    The Throat is the opening between the firebox and cook chamber. Enter the area given by the PitCalc and choose a shape that works best for your build.