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Gaps and missing numbers finder
This online calculator helps you find gaps and missing numbers in an integer sequence.
Complex numbers
The calculator displays complex number and its conjugate on the complex plane, evaluate complex number absolute value and principal value of the argument . It also demonstrates elementary operations on complex numbers.
Quick Sum Calculator
This online calculator sums up entered integer numbers. Any symbol what is not a digit, for example, a space, a comma, a semicolon, etc, serves as a separator. It is useful when you need to sum up several numbers but do not have speadsheet program at hand.
Numeric complements
This online calculator calculates radix complement (referred to as r's complement) and diminished radix complement (referred to as (r-1)'s complement) for the given number and the given radix (base).
This online calculator calculates factorial of a positive integer. Practically unlimited positive integer. In fact, it is limited only by the time you are willing to wait until calculation completes. I was patient enough to wait for 100000!
Tips and tricks #12: Long (infinite) calculations
This article describes how to perform long or infinite calculations while allowing user to stop them
Range finder
This online calculator analyzes integer number sequence and prints all continuous ranges it detects
Bit length
The calculator counts number of bits required to represent a number in the binary form. It also displays an input number in binary, octal, decimal, and hex forms.
Scientific notation
The calculator converts a number to the normalized scientific notation also known as standard form.
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