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  • Normal distribution

    Plots the CDF and PDF graphs for normal distribution with given mean and variance.

  • Normal force

    This online calculator calculates strength of the normal force from the mass of the object, the gravitational field strength and the angle of the inclined surface measured from the horizontal.

  • Number of agents in call center

    The calculator works out number of call center agents using Erlang C formula for given call load and service level.

  • Number of days in a year
  • Number of flagstones for paving

    This calculator will help you to estimates number of flagstones needed for paving

  • Number of flagstones to units of area and vice versa

    These calculators convert entered number of flagstones to area size and vice versa - calculate number of flagstones needed to cover entered ara size. Metric and imperial units are supported

  • Number of working days between two dates (for Russia)

    Calculator calculates the number of days between the two entered dates. Taking into account weekends, holidays and weekend shifts to work days, according to the published decrees of the government of the Russian Federation.

  • Numbered list maker

    This online calculator numbers lines of text

  • Numerical integration

    To calculate definite integral by the rectangle method, trapezoid method, Simpson method or other Newton-Cotes quadrature methods.

  • Ohm's law

    This calculator determines current by voltage and resistance using ohm law

  • Old Russian (Byzantine) system of chronology

    Old Russian calendar - years since world creation

  • Old Russian money

    Converts old Russian monetary units into more common rubles and kopecks. Created by user's request.

  • One-variable function graph

    This online calculator plots one-variable function graph given function formula and range of variable

  • Orthodox Easter date calculator

    Using a modification of the Gauss algorithm to calculate Orthodox Easter date

  • Oval Tank Volume Calculator

    Find the volume of oval tanks in cubic inches and gallons.

  • p-t Graph Analysis

    This online calculator analyses position vs time table, which is often used to describe 1-D kinematics motion.

  • P-value

    This online calculator calculates p-value for one sided and two sided tests given the z-score

  • Paired Sample t-Test

    This online calculator performs t-Test for the Significance of the Difference between the Means of Two Correlated Samples

  • Palette generator

    This calculator generates palette of colors from starting color to ending color, using maximum diversity, "rainbow" style.

  • Pangram checker

    This online calculator can check if a phrase is a pangram.

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