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Combinatorics. Generator of combinations.

Combinatorics. Generator of combinations of m from n.

PLANETCALC, Combinatorics. Generator of combinations.

Combinatorics. Generator of combinations.


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  • Cone development

    Calculator of right circular cone / truncated right circular cone development

  • Converting degrees to radians

    Converts radians to degrees, minutes and seconds

  • Counting pipes from the end face

    The approach to the calculation of the number of nested circles of smaller radius at a known length of the describing circle of a larger radius. Created by user request

  • Cryptarithmetic puzzle solver

    This calculator is a solver of cryptarithmetic puzzles. Cryptarithmetic puzzle is a number puzzle in which a group of arithmetical operations has some or all of its digits replaced by letters or symbols, and where the original digits must be found. In such a puzzle, each letter represents a unique digit.

  • Cube

Cramer's Rule

This online calculator solves system of linear equations using Cramer's rule and shows detailed steps of the solution

PLANETCALC, Cramer's Rule

Cramer's Rule

Digits after the decimal point: 4