Apartment sale tax

Apartment sale tax

The owner, selling the apartment pays taxes on the income from its sale.
The tax is calculated with the so-called tax base. In accordance with the tax code, the tax base is the amount of income, reduced by the amount of tax deductions, the taxpayer entitlement.
Any tax residents of the Russian Federation (Russian citizen or a foreigner living in Russia for more than 183 calendar days) on the sale of apartments is assumed a tax deduction in the amount of 1 million rubles(If the apartment is owned by less than 3 years).
If the apartment is owned by more than 3 years, the size of a tax deduction equal to the cost of sales of apartments and, accordingly, it's not necessary to pay tax. If the apartment is in the property for less than 3 years, you must pay 13 percent of the tax base, ie 13 per cent from the amount of sales minus 1 million rubles.
Instead of using the right to receive property tax deduction a taxpayer is entitled to reduce the amount of their taxable income to the amount they actually made and documented expenses associated with obtaining these revenues. Accordingly, if you can document the costs of the acquisition or repair of apartment being sold, worth more than 1 million rubles, it is advantageous to use this method of calculating the tax base.
The following calculator can help you determine the exact amount of income tax on the sale of your apartment:


Apartment sale tax

Amount (in rubles) for which you are selling an apartment (documented)

Documented expenses for the purchase or repair of apartment being sold

How many years have passed since the registration of the apartment in your property.

What part of the apartment is in your property (as a percentage).

Tax base
Tax amount