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  • Area de la Sombra de un Objeto

    El área de la sombra se refiere a la de un objeto cuadrado o rectangular.

  • Bisection method

    The bisection method in mathematics is a root-finding method that repeatedly bisects an interval and then selects a subinterval in which a root must lie for further processing. The method is also called the interval halving method.

  • Complex polynomial value calculation

    The calculator evaluates polynomial value. The polynomial coefficients can be either real or complex.

  • Determinant of 3x3 matrices

    This calculator calculates the determinant of 3x3 matrices

  • Evaluating expressions

    This online calculator substitutes a specific value for each variable, and performs the operations, evaluating the given expression.

  • Factorial

    Online calculator computes factorial of given positive integer (up to 170!)

Geometric progression. The denominator and the first term

Finding the denominator and the first term the integral geometric progression for two adjacent terms.


Geometric progression. The denominator and the first term

Polynomial Greatest Common Divisor

The calculator gives the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two input polynomials.


Polynomial greatest common divisor.

Pseudoremainders correction algorithm.

  • Modular Multiplicative Inverse

    This calculator calculates modular multiplicative inverse of an given integer a modulo m

  • Newton's method

    This online calculator implements Newton's method (also known as the Newton–Raphson method) for finding the roots (or zeroes) of a real-valued function.

  • Polynomial division

    This calculator divides one polynomial by another polynomial.

  • Polynomial multiplication

    This calculator multiplies two univariate polynomials.

  • Polynomial Taylor Shift

    The calculator evaluates Taylor shift of the given polynomial using Shaw and Traub algorithm.

  • Quartic equation solution

    This calculator produces quartic equation solution using resolvent cubic.

  • Secant method

    The secant method is a root-finding algorithm that uses a succession of roots of secant lines to better approximate a root of a function f.

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