Russia's regional registration plates

This online calculator determines Russia's region from car plate.

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This system is adopted in Russian Federation since 1994. A vehicle registration plate is now using regional designations, which have 2- or 3-digit codes.

The Russian Federation currently has 85 subjects, each of which is assigned self vehicles registration codes. Codes from 90 to 99 are used as a back-up in areas with insufficient room for primary assigned two-digit codes (a Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara region, etc.). Number 95 was given for the republic of Chechnya to replace the old number 20 (from April 1, 2001). Number 94 is used for Closed Administrative-Territorial Units (ZATO), particularly in Leninsk, better known as Baikonur. The three-digit codes are used in areas where there are not enough extended codes used in the Moscow area code 150, and you can see 797 and 799 in Moscow. The following calculator will help you determine the subject of Russia in the region code:

PLANETCALC, Determine region by car plates

Determine region by car plates

Region Code of the Russian Federation
Other codes of the region

A full list of the Russian Federation regions which is made on this calculator basic can be found in the handbook /105/

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PLANETCALC, Russia's regional registration plates