Calculation of weight by volume

Calculating the weight by the volume of material with matter density reference book

I have a litre of olive oil but don't know how much it weight. Basically, it's easy - multiply the oil density by its volume and you will have weight.

So I've decided to make a calculator about this (see below).

First, you have to choose the matter in calculator from this reference book - /337/. The calculator will know its density.

Then set its volume as you like it - litres, cubic metres, even length, width and height. Then it will calculate weight.

PLANETCALC, Calculation of weight by volume

Calculation of weight by volume

Digits after the decimal point: 3
Density (grams per cubic centimeter)
Weight, kg (in terms of volume in liters)
Weight, kg (in terms of volume in cubic meters)
Weight, kg (in terms of length, width and height)

Density set in grams per cubic centimeter in the reference book. If there is no some matter in reference book somehow you can always add it if you are registered user.