Calculation of the volume by weight

Calculation of the volume and parameters of regular geometric figure by given mass using density of matter reference book.

Everybody should remember a common kids question: "What is heavier a kilogram of feathers of a kilogram of iron?"
Now I obviously know that they weight the same but have the different volume. Also, I always wanted to know what sphere or cube the kilo of iron will make.

So the calculator below is about that. You enter the mass, chose the matter type from the reference book /337/ and it will show the volume of the matter in cubic meters, liters and also the sphere radius or the side of the cube, made out of this matter.
For those who forgot the formulas for sphere and cube volume, here are they: Sphere and Cube.
Traditionally, the registered users can add any material into the reference book.

PLANETCALC, Calculation of the volume by weight

Calculation of the volume by weight

Digits after the decimal point: 6
Matter density, grams per cubic centimeter
Volume, cubic meters
Volume, liters
Sphere radius , meters
Cube side, meters
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