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Time difference between the cities

Calculates the time difference between the two cities based on the catalogue data.

Continuing the theme which started with Sunrise and sunset calculator and Azimuth and solar elevation angle calculators.
I've actually remembered one thing - quite often you can see several clock with Moscow, London, Berlin, New-York time hanging above the reception at the hotels. That's is made for the businessmen so they could be able to know what time is it in another part of the world. And then it came to my mind - we have the information thanks to these two calculators and we are able to make the same city clock at our site pretty easily. You can see the work done below.

How to use:

There is a time, noon in the Moscow for example. We enter 12 in the "Hours"graph, choose "Moscow" in the "City 1" graph and at the graph "City 2" we choose the city whose time, coresponding to Moscow, we want to know. E.g. "Khabarovsk".

Then enjoy the result.
Далee наслаждаемся результатом.

PLANETCALC, Time difference between the cities

Time difference between the cities

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There is some interesting thing with the change of summer and winter time - the calculator can make mistakes for some counties at a certain time :) But I'm sending every curious person to Sunrise and sunset calculator. Every problem with the winter and summer time change were described there.

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