McDonald's meal nutrition facts

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One of the users asked us to make a nutritional value calculator. I was overwhelmed by the task's global scale - I had to input so many products to the reference book - so I never did it.

But today, walking by McDonald's, I thought that they have a relatively small range of food and all the portions are the standard size. Also, I remembered that they recently started to write all the nutrition facts everywhere (there were no such things in my childhood, we don't even have McDonald's, though I do not regret it). I invite you to visit this site.

I got annoyed by this site pretty quick - everything is running on Flash, lags a lot, and is not useful at all - they don't have the nutrition facts in Excel file, huh?

Anyways, I spent some time and transferred this data to the reference book Nutrition facts of McDonalds meal and made a calculator based on it.

So now everyone can count how much they ate at the McDonald's

PLANETCALC, McDonald's meal nutrition facts

McDonald's meal nutrition facts


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PLANETCALC, McDonald's meal nutrition facts