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Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula
Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula
Ideal weight calculator using Body Mass Index
The basal metabolic rate
This calculator computes BMR calories
Lorenc formula of an ideal weight
Yet another estimation of an ideal weight - Lorenc formula. According to Lorenc the ideal weight is (height - 100) - (height - 150)/2.
Brunhard's formula ideal weight calculator
Another ideal weight formula from the Internet - Brunhard's formula. It requires the knowledge of chest circumference. According to the formula, ideal weight equals height multiplied by chest circumference and divided by 240.
Nagler's ideal weight calculator
The ideal weight by Nagler's formula is 45 kilograms plus 900 grams per every 2.45 centimeters over 152.4 centimeters of height. Then plus 10% to the result.
Body proportionality
Calculates the body proportionality by several body parameters
Figure's grace
Calculation of the figure's grace index by the chest, waist, hip and thigh parameters .
Proportionality of body — McCallum's formula
Expert methodist John McCallum created this formula. It's based on the wrist girth. This formula isn't correct for everyone because it suggests that the wrist's size strongly depends on the size of other human bones.
Body fat calculator - YMCA formula
This calculator uses weight and waist measurements to calculate body fat percentage with YMCA formula.
Weathering of alcohol concentration in the blood
Calculates the time needed for weathering of alcohol in the blood to a normal level
Pregnancy Due Date
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator by the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP)
McDonald's meal nutrition facts
Nutrition facts of McDonald's meals according to
Determination of the baby's sex
It's unscientific, but it surprisingly works.
Strength of alcoholic cocktail
Calculates volume fraction of alcohol in a beverage made of 3 other beverages.
Daily Calorie Rate
Calculator of the daily calorie rate, taking into account the level of physical activity.
The number of packs steroid you need for cycle
The number of packs steroid you need for cycle
Daily Needs Calorie Rate
Coronavirus disease epidemic in different countries
The calculator compares the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic development in different countries aligned by number of days since the epidemic beginning in the particular country.
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