Body proportionality

Calculates the body proportionality by several body parameters

We are continuing the theme of a healthy life, weight loss, etc. Fortunately, the formula consists of addition and division only, so it's easy to make this calculator.
I've found the body proportionality formula on the Internet, but I couldn't find the articles about it (maybe someone will help me). Anyway, the coefficient for calculation looks like this: K = hip circumference divided by sum of the upper arm, lower leg, and neck circumference. If the resulting number is between 0,54 - 0,62 for a female and between 0,46 - 0,52 for a male - that's great. If the result is higher, well, that's just fat, ugh, hips, and if it's lower, that's vice versa :)

PLANETCALC, Body proportionality

Body proportionality

Hip circumference under gluteal fold (centimeters)
Upper arm circumference (centimeters)
Lower leg circumference (centimeters)
Neck circumference (centimeters)
Digits after the decimal point: 2

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PLANETCALC, Body proportionality