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Lorenc Ideal Weight Calculator
The calculator on the page is designed to estimate an individual's ideal weight based on their height. It uses the Lorenc formula, which is a widely used equation to calculate the estimated healthy weight range for a person based on their height.
Brunhard's formula ideal weight calculator
Another ideal weight formula from the Internet - Brunhard's formula. It requires the knowledge of chest circumference. According to the formula, ideal weight equals height multiplied by chest circumference and divided by 240.
Body proportionality
Calculates the body proportionality by several body parameters
Figure's grace
Calculation of the figure's grace index by the chest, waist, hip and thigh parameters .
Proportionality of body — McCallum's formula
Expert methodist John McCallum created this formula. It's based on the wrist girth. This formula isn't correct for everyone because it suggests that the wrist's size strongly depends on the size of other human bones.
Pregnancy Due Date Predictor
The pregnancy due date calculator is a helpful tool for expectant mothers who want to know when their baby is due to arrive.
Determination of the baby's sex
It's unscientific, but it surprisingly works.
Daily Calorie Rate
Calculator of the daily calorie rate, taking into account the level of physical activity.
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