Сomputer algebra

Derives a formula from input formulas and input data to calculate remained parameters

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To solve this Arithmetic progression request, which requires a quite simple single line of code calculator I decided to make an universal calculator, which can derive remained parameters automatically from the input data and related formulas.
It's a little bit complicated, but powerful enough to automatically derive the solution form any formulas, containing arithmetic operations: +, -, /, * , ^ and function: sin, arcsin, cos, arccos, tan, arctan, cot, arccot, cosec, arccosec, sec, arcsec, sh, arsh, ch, arch, th, tanh, arth, cth, coth, arcth, sech, arsech, csch, arcsch, exp, ln.
Just enter input data and related formulas in the text field and get solution for remained unknown parameters.

PLANETCALC, Universal problem solver

Universal problem solver

Enter a formula or data value on every new line
Digits after the decimal point: 2

The calculator recognizes two special constants - pi = 3.1415926... and e = 2.718....
If something fails to work as you expect it, just let me know in comments.

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