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Grain Drying

Timur wrote my calculator, Grain Drying /4959/ two years ago. I wanted to add some more grains to the calculator and went through the whole process of editing and adding Soybeans and everything looked good until I tried to save it and it came back with a notice that it could not edit the calculator because I was not the original author. Timur is the original coder, but I supplied him with all the Excel files, and all the calculations. So, even though Timur is registered as the original author, I am really the author. Can you give me editorial privilege to add some grains to my calculator. I think you could do this by just listing me as an author?
Ron Palmer
Grain Drying /4959/

This is a request for a calculator left by a user.

There is still no calculator created for this request. If you are interested in implementing such a calculator, please leave a comment.