Release Date Countdown gadget

This calculator allows you to configure the release date or event you want to track and use it as countdown gadget via new "Sharing" functionality

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Here I want to promote a new feature of the site - save your calculation and share it with friends. I have created an elementary calculator - you enter the release date or event date you want to track, and the calculator outputs the total number of days before that date and a number of years, months, and days separately. The default value, for example, is the announced release date of Stranger Things season 3, at least at the moment.

But you do not need to enter the date of your event each time you use this calculator - you can save it once and get a permalink, which you can share with friends, or use to open calculator with saved value. If you enter your event name, date and uncheck Edit, you will get a compact form of the gadget, which shows only outputs, and which you can save and share.

Here are a couple of examples to show how it works.

You can also embed it on your site. To do this, save it to "My calculators" via the top left menu, go to your personal site section via the top right "user" button, configure event date and name and generate embed code.

PLANETCALC, Release Date Countdown gadget

Release Date Countdown gadget

Years, Months, Days

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PLANETCALC, Release Date Countdown gadget