Cost per unit of volume

This online calculator calculates cost per unit of volume (cubic unit) given length, width and height of a strip

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Let's suppose you look at the strip of material given its length, width and height, like 254x76.2x8. You know its cost, f.e. 19000.00.

To be able to compare this cost to cost of another strip of different size you need to calculate cost per unit of volume. For example, if you use millimeters for dimensions, you need the cost per cubic millimeter for first and for the second strip. Then you can compare them.

Cost per unit of volume (cubic unit) can be obtained by multiplying the dimensions (to get the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped) and dividing the result by cost of strip.

C_{cubic unit}=\frac{L \cdot W \cdot H}{C_{strip}}

Of course, in the calculator below you can use any units, not only millimeters, as long as you enter all dimensions in the same units. Thus, if you use inches, you get cost per cubic inch, feet - cost per cubic foot and so on.

PLANETCALC, Cost per unit of volume

Cost per unit of volume

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Cost per unit of volume

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