Bunting/quilt patterns out of random numbers of colours

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Karen Luckhurst

Hi - is it possible to generate some kind of pattern out of different numbers of colour. To illustrate my problem..... I was making bunting for my daughter's bedroom. I had four colours - 32 of one, 18 each of two different colours, 15 of another. What I wanted to do was create some kind of pattern so that no two colours were next to each other and that there was some kind of even-ness to their distribution. Clearly regularity would be unlikely, but I was sure there was some kind of formula that might achieve a kind of pattern.

This calculator would be of help I think to many people who sew - often they are constructing patchwork quilts out of scrap bits of fabric and this would help them find the most efficient way of using their scraps.

FAO TIMUR - My email address is karenluckhurst@aol.com. Shoud you require further work we can continue to operate through Freelancer if you prefer, but I do feel we have paid our dues to them now. Also, if you know of anyone else that wants their English tidying up, please put them in touch. Regards, Karen

This is a request for a calculator left by a user.

There is still no calculator created for this request. If you are interested in implementing such a calculator, please leave a comment.
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