Greatest common divisor of several polynomials

The calculator gets GCD of several univariate polynomials at a time.

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Using this calculator, you may get GCD of several polynomials at a time. You may switch on details to display step-by-step solutions.

PLANETCALC, GCD of several polynomials

GCD of several polynomials

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Greatest common divisor
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To calculate the greatest common divisor of several polynomials, calculate the GCD of the first two polynomials, then calculate the GCD of the third polynomial and the result obtained in the previous step, and so on until the last polynomial.

GCD(f_1,f_2,f_3...f_s)=GCD(f_1, GCD(f_2,f_3...f_s))=...=GCD(f_1, GCD(f_2, ...., GCD(f_{s-1},f_s)))
E.g, to solve GCD of 4 polynomials: f1,f2,f3,f4 we calculate:
GCD(f1,GCD(f2,GCD(f3,f4))) 1

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PLANETCALC, Greatest common divisor of several polynomials