Reverse bin packing problem calculator

The purpose is to pack items of different sizes into a finite number of bins or containers, in a way that minimises the difference between the total value of the basket with the most content and the total value of the basket with the least content.
In this way, the fairest possible division into parts is achieved.

For example, a situation that requires this type of calculation arises when it is necessary to do a group presentation work for school or work, and it is necessary to divide a certain number of elements to study (ex. Chapters of a book), each of a given length (ex. number of words), in a given number of parts equal to the members of the group.

The way this problem relates to that of bin packing, for which a calculator already exists on this site (, is that it differs in the unknown variable to be found, which is no longer the minimum number of baskets of a given capacity into which elements of data values ​​can be divided, but the amount of the sum of the value of the individual elements contained in each basket.

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Multiway Number Partitioning

This online calculator searches for the solution of the multiway number partitioning optimization problem using the Complete Greedy Algorithm.

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