Mayan calendar converter

Please create a converter to convert dates from gregorgian calendar to all the 40 calendars available in the world. For example gregorgian calendar to Mayan calendar, gregorgian calendar to Chinese calendar etc.
You can also create a converter to tell what is the current date according to sumerian calendar, Egyptian calendar,roman calendar,mayan calendar,Chinese calendar,babylonians calendar,Greek calendar, Ethiopian calendar,Persian calendar,Aztec calendar,hindu calendar,Buddhist calendar,Jewish calendar,catholic calendar,christian calendar.

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Mayan calendar, 2012, the end of the world.

About 2012, the end of the world and Maya

Roman calendar

The calculators convert dates between Ancient Roman Calendar and Gregorian calendars

Ancient Egyptian Calendar

The calculator converts an Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.

Coptic calendar

These calculators convert dates between Gregorian and Coptic calendar systems.

Ethiopian calendar

The calculator converts an Ethiopian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.

Indian calendars

The calculators for Hindu date conversions

Hebrew calendar

The calculator converts dates from Hebrew calendar to Gregorian and vice versa.

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PLANETCALC, Mayan calendar converter