Multivariable math calculation

The calculator calculates the result of a formula with several variables.

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You may use several indexed variables in math formula. Define the variable values separating them with a space. The first value stands for x1, the second for x2 and so on.

PLANETCALC, Multivariable function

Multivariable function

Space separated array of variable values
Digits after the decimal point: 2
Variable values

You can use arithmetics operations, numerals, math functions and constants in the multivariable math formula.




+ - addition
- - subtraction
* - multiplication
/ - division
^ - power


sqrt - square root
rootN - N th root, e.g. root3(x) - cube root
exp - exponential function
lb - binary logarithm ( base 2 )
lg - decimal logarithm ( base 10 )
ln - natural logarithm ( base e)
logB - logarithm to the base B , e.g. log7(x) - logarithm to the base 7
sin - sine
cos - cosine
tan - tangent
cot - cotangent
sec - secant
cosec - cosecant
arcsin - arcsine
arccos - arccosine
arctan - arctangent
arccotan - arccotangent
arcsec - arcsecant
arccosec - arccosecant
sh - hyperbolic sine
ch - hyperbolic cosine
tanh - hyperbolic tangent
coth - hyperbolic cotangent
sech - hyperbolic secant
csch - hyperbolic cosecant

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PLANETCALC, Multivariable math calculation