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The Decimal to Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal Converter
The Decimal to Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal Converter is a versatile calculator that allows you to effortlessly convert decimal numbers to binary, hexadecimal, and octal notations.
Integer to Other Numeral System Converter
The "Integer to Numeral System Converter" calculator allows the user to convert an integer from decimal numeral system to any other positional numeral system.
Numeral System Converter
The numeral system converter calculator converts numbers from one numeral system to another given the source number and the source numeral system base and target numeral system base. The calculator can handle numeral systems with bases ranging from 2 to 36.
Binary numbers calculator
This calculator supports common mathematical operations over binary numbers: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
Numeral System Calculator
This online calculator is designed to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and power on numbers written in any numeral system. This means that users can input numbers in binary, octal, hexadecimal, or any other base between 2 and 36, and perform mathematical operations with ease.
Fraction-Decimal Converter
The fraction-decimal calculator is a tool that allows users to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa. Users can enter the numerator and denominator of a fraction to determine its decimal value or enter a decimal to find its simplified fraction value. The calculator simplifies the fraction using the greatest common denominator (GCD) to ensure that the fraction is in its simplest form.
Gray code converters
These online calculators convert to and from the binary reflected in the Gray code and can produce a table for an n-bit Gray code
Binary file
You may use this calculator to create binary file by editing its content in hexadecimal, decimal or binary form.
Sexagesimal number converters. The calculator converts sexagesimal number to rational or decimal and vice versa.
Aztec Numerals: Decimal to Aztec Number Converter
Translate decimal numbers into Aztec numbers using this calculator. The Aztec numeral system is based on 20 and uses specific symbols for each power of 20.
BCD to Decimal Convertor
Converts a BCD value into its decimal equivalent. Digits of the decimal number are identified by grouping four BCD digits/bits. For example: 0100 1001 => 49
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