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Simple Interest
Calculates simple interest
Simple Interest Daily Rate
This calculator calculates the accreted amount given a number of days and simple interest rate. It uses three methods of calculations which differ from each other if the number of days is less than a year.
Interest on the deposit and inflation
Russian Central Bank Exchange Rate Converter
The Russian Central Bank Exchange Rates Calculator is an online tool that allows users to convert between Russian rubles and other currencies. The calculator uses the official exchange rates of the Russian Central Bank to provide accurate and up-to-date currency conversion information.
Apartment sale tax in Russia
Apartment sale tax in Russian federation according to 2017 legislation changes
Compound interest at a certain number of days
Effective interest rate
Annuity Calculator
This online calculator computes the annuity payment parameters, including the accreted amount and discounted value of rent.
The Central Bank of Russia exchange rate difference
Inflation in Russia since 1991
Inflation in Russia from 1991 to the present, based on the data of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation.
Inflation in Russia
Calculator of Russian inflation since 1991 to the present time. Based on the data of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation. The data updated weekly.
Simple Moving Average
Simple Moving Average calculation based on candles
Wage payment delay compensation
It calculates the amount of monetary compensation, which the employer must pay the employee for the delay of wages or other payments, according to the Russian Federation Labour Code.
Mortgage loan early repayment date
Calculates the repayment period of the mortgage loan with differentiated payments (Sberbank), depending on the size of the payment.
Average wage сalculation (for Russia)
The calculator calculates the average wage, according to the decree of the Russian Federation government dated December 24, 2007 "On specifics of calculation of average wages" in edition of Russian Federation Government Resolution dated November 11, 2009.
Unused leave compensation at dismissal
Calculates the payment of compensation for unused leave, envisaged by the labor legislation of the Russian Federation to the dismissal of an employee.
The calculation of amortization for tax purposes
The methods and procedures for calculating amortization for tax purposes in accordance with Article 259 of the Tax Code, taking into account the changes to the federal law of 27 July 2006 N 144-FZ.
Calculation of payments on corporate property tax
Calculation of the tax amount and the amount of advance tax payments in accordance with Chapter 30 of the Russian Federation Tax Code
When it becomes profitable to pay the tax as a sole proprietor in Russia?
The calculator allows you to compare the taxes paid by an sole proprietor in the simplified taxation system and the individual.
Bank card number validation
The calculator checks a bank card number using Luhn algorithm, it also determines the card issuer according to Issuers handbook.
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