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Regular expression tester
This online calculator allows user to experiment with regular expressions.
List format
Format a list using regular expressions
Email extractor
This online calculator parses emails from block of text using regular expression
Matching lines with regular expression
This calculator matches lines in text using regular expression. It outputs line numbers and lines, which were matched and which were not matched, separating them.
List Join
This online calculator can join two csv lists by key column the same way JOIN works in SQL (inner join, left outer join, right outer join)
Extract domain names from URLs and count unique names
This calculator extracts domain names from URLs and counts unique names
String to list converter
This online calculator splits string by regular expression and outputs the list of matches (or first matched group)
Split list items according to regular expression
This online calculator splits list items according to the result of matching the regular expression. Matched value becomes a group key, list items with the same matched value create a separate group.
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