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Text Formatter
The calculator is designed to reformat lines of text according to user specifications.
Numeral System Calculator
This online calculator is designed to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and power on numbers written in any numeral system. This means that users can input numbers in binary, octal, hexadecimal, or any other base between 2 and 36, and perform mathematical operations with ease.
URL Unescape Calculator
The calculator for URL decoding, also known as unescaping, takes a URL-encoded string and converts it back to its original form.
GET Request String Parser
The GET Request String Parser is a handy tool for breaking down HTTP GET request strings into parameter-value pairs and decoding URL-encoded sequences if necessary. By using this parser, you can easily extract and analyze the individual components of a GET request.
Count the number of words
The calculator counts word number in a given text. It can be used for rough calculation of translation cost. Can be used for word number calculation in software resources.
Email Finder
The Email Finder calculator allows users to search for and extract email addresses from a block of text using a regular expression.
Base 64 encoding and decoding
The calculators encode string to base64 string and decode back to original string. Special characters (+/) , generally produced by base64 algorithm, can be replaced by the data provided in additional parameter.
RAID arrays сalculator
This calculators shows the possible variants of RAID arrays, based on the number of drives available.
Convert RGB integer colours to hexadecimal color code for web
The calculator converts a colour given in RGB integers into a hexadecimal string suitable, for example, for css.
RGB-HSV Color Converter
The RGB-HSV Color Converter allows the user to convert RGB color values to HSV color values and vice versa.
Palette generator
This calculator generates palette of colors from starting color to ending color, using maximum diversity, "rainbow" style.
LL1 grammar analysis. Yet another top-down parser generator.
The calculator checks LL1 grammar correctness, parses a text using the grammar, shows FIRST, FOLLOW and FIRST PLUS sets, parsing tree and gives PLANETCALC parsing code.
HTML table to JSON array
Th calculator converts the html table code to JSON array with optional data transpose and compression. It also visualizes numeric data on chart.
List Join
This online calculator can join two csv lists by key column the same way JOIN works in SQL (inner join, left outer join, right outer join)
Relative luminance and contrast ratio
Two calculators evaluate the relative luminance and contrast ratio for given colors.
Numbered list maker
This online calculator numbers lines of text
Line Reverser
The reverse line calculator is a simple tool that takes a block of text as input, breaks it into individual lines, and then reverses the order of the lines. This can be useful in a variety of situations where you need to quickly reverse the order of lines in a document or piece of code, such as when working with logs, scripts, or data files.
Text fitness
This online calculator computes text "fitness". That is, how similar the given text to other texts written in English language.
Symbol Generator
The random symbol generator is a simple tool that allows users to generate a specified number of symbols randomly selected from a given set of symbols. Users can choose the number of paragraphs and the number of symbols per paragraph to be generated.
CSV to JSON Mapping Tool
The calculator converts CSV table to JSON array of objects using a given map of CSV columns to object property names, and allows the user to paste CSV contents, tweak field separators, and replace empty strings with nulls in the JSON.
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